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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard To Do.

Tea cup agility started up again after a month off. Phlox was excited to see his favorite obstacle the tunnel. He ran towards it only to come to a sliding halt. The poor guy just doesn't fit any more.
At 19 inches and 50lbs he is now too big for most of the little dog equipment.
We made the best of the class doing the weave polls and jumps but I think he may have to sit that class out from now on.

On a much happier note. Phlox is moving quickly at last.
He has always been a painfully slow mover. I think even slugs have passed him up while walking.
All this week I have been working on speed, fast response time, fast recall, fast heel work etc.
We hadn't made much progress. He would just walk along a few feet behind me with his sad, thoughtfull eyes gazing up at my face. But today his little light bulb came on.

He trotted along side of me, Ran when I did and paid attention to my speed adjustments. It was definitely the break through I have been waiting for.

Videos and photos will be posted next week....I promise....maybe...
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phlox Finally Has A Name!

Now that Phlox's skin is looking better and showing him seems possible I finally pulled his paperwork out and send it in. I have been avoiding posting his full name any where until it was official. So I am now introducing....

Eden's Perennial Success

He also just hit 8 months old. Here are his pictures from this month

And here are some pictures of Violet :) 

She was NOT amused.

Ok so I didn't end up getting any videos done last weekend. I didn't actually even get to train any of the dogs.