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Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is just BS(L)

"All pit bulls and pit bull owners should be killed" I read this comment the other day on our local news paper website.
As a "pit bull" owner I am very use to people thinking that my dogs should die for no particular reason. I am not how ever use to the thought that some one believes I should be killed simply because of my choice of pets.

I use to get angry at people like this. "How dare they talk like that when they don't know the facts." Then I would start to think "Well, maybe they don't know the facts. I'll just teach them how it really is" but after a while and countless frustrating "discussions"  there is always the horrible realization that no matter how much you educate, lecture and teach there are some people who will never believe the truth. People who will always believe that my dogs are just waiting to kill me in my sleep.

I thought this was a pretty good video and wanted to share.

As a "pit bull" owner it's my belief that there is only one way to really change peoples minds. Get out there and show people what these dogs are capable of. 
I will continue to do public events, obedience trials, rally, demonstrations and in the future therapy work with my dogs. I've learned that it's hard for people to believe the stories on the news when they have a wiggly, well trained pit bull staring up at them.

Last years Christmas picture.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Mostly Perfect Weekend

 This weekend was a whirlwind of dust, dogs, blisters, loss and victory.

Badger and I were entered in Rally novice. We have never had a chance to work on dirt before so I figured we would need a little extra time to warm up. Although he was being a bit of a pill he still responded well.
We ended up with a score of 92 and our first RN leg.

The morning started early with Conformation at 8:30am. For Phlox's first time in the ring he did very well. Unfortunately he got 3rd out of three dogs. I really felt the just didn't care much about the puppy class so didn't put much effort into judging them.

Abba Showed in Juniors but didn't place at all. She was showing a new dog but still did very well.

Badger was taking advantage of my sick, tired state. I had very little hope of a good run and was keeping my fingers crossed just to Q.
We did our run and I knew we at least Q'd. I headed back to check out the score and saw a 100 where our score should be. So I waited for them to catch their mistake...No mistake! Badger earned his second leg with a perfect score.

Another early morning with Conformation. This time Phlox was all hyped up and ready to go. He didn't show as well as the day before but that didn't stop him from taking first in his class against two other dogs. His very first win!

Next Abba showed in Juniors. This time she won her class and went on to compete for best Jr. Handler.
Abba won best Jr. along with $1,000 towards collage.

My mother was the time steward at the Rally ring so I knew we were in trouble. Badger loves her and was looking for any excuse not to focus.
We started off really well. Badger was focused and working...until we passed my mother. He continued working but we ended up with a 91.
Badger earned his RN in three days.

My friend also earned her RN this weekend. Way to go Trish and Grace!
Grace with her ribbons
Getting ready
Look at that face.
First time in the ring
First Place, Perfect score
What a good boy.
Abba with Diamond