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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year New Goals

Last year I came up short on my list of goals. Mostly because of human baby #3. So this year I plan to get off my butt and make up for lost time.

- Companion Dog Excellent
- Rally Excellent
- Utility Dog
- United Companion Dog
- United Rally Obedience 1

- TD

Weight Pull

IPO (I swear one of these days I wont be pregnant or have a new born at the time of a trial)
- BH
- AD

- UKC Champion -Only 50 points to go
- A few more AKC points - Really not thinking I will be able to show him enough this year to finish. He has filled out nicely though.

- Companion Dog Excellent
- Rally Advance

Since I don't work with Charlie that much I am keeping it simple this year. He may also show in UKC Rally and Obedience if the opportunity presents itself.

Violet may try her hand at nosework but that will depend on my schedule and if shes feeling up to it.

I'm hoping this year holds many great things in store for the dogs. I know it's a little late but Happy new year all the same.

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