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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Utility Is Hard and My Dog Is Amazing

Hello again, it's been awhile but I am back and ready to blog!

Now that my youngest child is out of the baby phase and more independent I have been able to up my training and start trialing again.
Phlox is still working on his UD title with no end in sight. He has been the most beautifully consistent dog and has qualifies on almost every exercise except for one. In trial he goes to the jump on the go out. He truly thinks that he should run up to the jump and stand there? This behavior popped up in trial and has been a pain in my side ever since.

I have finally been able to replicate it in training so hopefully he can show in Utility this summer. fingers crossed everyone.

In other more wonderful news Phlox has won his second High In Trial!

We entered a local ASCA trial last weekend. I was just going to work on his stress level in the ring and have some fun I had no intention of actually "competing".
Phlox was not only upbeat and working well but he beat all the other teams by a good 5 points. This was a small trial with none of the heavy hitters there but still he earned it.



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