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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ignorance is Never Bliss

I have run into so little breed discrimination since bringing home Violet that I some times forget it exists.

We started a new puppy class tonight. Phlox was there like he always is being his usual goofy self.
A family came in with two small children. We love to have children in our puppy classes to help socialize the pups.
We put my son and the two other children in a pen so that the puppies couldn't jump up. By this time I noticed the mom was uncomfortable but I thought she was worried about her children's behavior.
To make the kids happy Phlox and I got in the pen. I have never seen such a look of horror on some ones face. The mom was terrified. I asked if it was ok. She said no. I asked if it was because he was a "pit bull". She said yes.
She quickly took her kids and walked out. Her husband handled the puppy the rest of the class.

It was like some one had come into my home and slapped me across the face while insulting one of my children.  It would be one thing if Phlox were an out of control adult dog who was here for aggression. He's not. He's just a 7 month old puppy who already has his CGC and is training to be a therapy dog.  Well socialized, well behaved and very well trained.
Needless to say we will be addressing breed discrimination next week.

To ad insult to injury they have a black lab puppy.
Here is what a 9 month old black lab puppy did to me a little over two years ago. Just a daycare dog I was walking 100ft to a potty spot.

These pictures don't show all the wounds or how deep they were.
It's a little hard to see but the red spot on my cheek is where I hit when he dragged me to the ground.
 I got very lucky and people responded to my cries for help. It took 4 men to get him off of me. It makes me sick to think what could have happened if there had been no one around.

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