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Monday, July 25, 2011

What A Weekend

This weekend marks my 2 year anniversary in competitive obedience. It really does feel like only Yesterday I was stepping into the ring for the first time.

This year I competed with my two males Badger, who actually belongs to a client, and my dog Chuck.

Friday was a train wreck. I was out of sorts because of parking and I haven't been to a show all year so I'm out of practice and I think it rubbed off on the dogs. Badger acted like a spooked horse in the ring. I ended up cutting my loses and excusing us before he could realize there was no training allowed in the ring.
Charlie did end up qualifying but shook the entire time. I was very proud of Chuck's stays. There was Open going on in the next ring. Dumb bells and dogs kept flying past but Charlie held his stay. Good Boy!

Saturday was much better. Both Badger and Charlie qualified. They both seemed to be a little more relaxed. It also helped that I was feeling much better.

Sunday was both great and disappointing.
Charlie was feeling much better and did two beautiful heel patterns. When it came time for the recall a large group had gathered right behind me. When the command was given Charlie shot towards me like a rocket. He slid into my left knee and veared to the left. He ended up taking a few steps towards the ring opening. It was enough to NQ us.

Badger had a wonderful run. His heeling was so good that we only lost 3 points. Sadly there was a huge commotion behind him just as I gave the command to "come" and he got distracted. I had to give a second command effectively NQing us.

Next Charlie and I participated in a obedience demonstration geared towards mixed breed dogs. Charlie got into the ring and had a blast. We did some heeling, stays and a recall. Man does he love to come to me!
Afterwards we met some of the spectators and Chuck got plenty of petting and love from everyone. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago Charlie was a horrible out of control dog that was iffy around children, couldn't be trusted off leash and reactive around other dogs.

Now that I'm home I realize how unbelievably sore and tired I am. And even though more than one person came out of the ring vowing they will never compete again I know that despite it all we will all be back next year.

Here are a few pictures of me and Badger. No one was there in time to take pictures of Charlie.
Badger has a very long stride so when the judge calls "fast" I have to run. The leash looks tight but it's not. there was a good foot hanging down.

We were so pleased to see other large breeds showing.

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