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Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is just BS(L)

"All pit bulls and pit bull owners should be killed" I read this comment the other day on our local news paper website.
As a "pit bull" owner I am very use to people thinking that my dogs should die for no particular reason. I am not how ever use to the thought that some one believes I should be killed simply because of my choice of pets.

I use to get angry at people like this. "How dare they talk like that when they don't know the facts." Then I would start to think "Well, maybe they don't know the facts. I'll just teach them how it really is" but after a while and countless frustrating "discussions"  there is always the horrible realization that no matter how much you educate, lecture and teach there are some people who will never believe the truth. People who will always believe that my dogs are just waiting to kill me in my sleep.

I thought this was a pretty good video and wanted to share.

As a "pit bull" owner it's my belief that there is only one way to really change peoples minds. Get out there and show people what these dogs are capable of. 
I will continue to do public events, obedience trials, rally, demonstrations and in the future therapy work with my dogs. I've learned that it's hard for people to believe the stories on the news when they have a wiggly, well trained pit bull staring up at them.

Last years Christmas picture.

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