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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Training In the Rain

For some reason it has been raining a lot lately. I have been using it as a convenient excuse not to train.
Today I got my butt off the sofa and headed to the park with Violet and the rest of the human family. Things started off really well.

Go outs were great. Non of that pit bull crooked, zig zag crap. She knew where she was headed and she got her little furry behind there.

Heel, signals and moving stand were all good. She didn't even get confused between returning to heel and coming front.

Then things went a little down hill.

Directed jumping was a mess. She does not want to go out of her way to the jumps. She knows exactly what I want but it takes too long in her mind. We spent some time and worked through it and it was looking good before we moved on.

Directed retrieve was once again a disaster. I need to take a few steps back and work on her marking the right glove. In my enthusiasm I skipped this step and am regretting it. It's hard to focus on fundamentals when everything else looks like so much fun. We took some time and she was at 100% before we left.

I skipped the scent articles today because I was a little tired after keeping Violet upbeat for an hour. I wish I could have gotten video but I didn't want the camera out in the rain.

 The rain let up a little while we were headed to the car so we did manage to snap this shot of Violet and my son enjoying the playground.

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  1. Playing in the rain is such fun! Love the pic of Violet and your sweet!