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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who Needs A Green Thumb?

Since I am on maternity leave from training I have to focus my attention elsewhere.
Plants and gardening have been on my mind lately. The little dragon plant I posted earlier is one lucky plant. It has survived not only my inability to keep anything green a live but also the "care" of a toddler.

As you can see it's even grown since the last post. It's almost like this little green stem has fueled an addiction. The main focus of this addiction is my all time favorite, Orchids. I lust after them, covet other peoples and obsess about what variety I would like to raise.

I've tried my hand at Orchids in the past and failed miserably. I find them so beautiful that I can't bring myself to try again knowing the outcome is certain death. Luckily today I found the solution.

Wax flowers! They don't wilt and are always in bloom. The only care needed is an occasional dusting. They looked so real that I didn't realize they were fake until my husband pointed it out. He only noticed because he read the large banner directly in front of us.

I will have no problem displaying the wax flowers in my home. I may even try my hand at wax flower making. That way I can express my love for flowers with out becoming a plant cereal killer.

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  1. Wax flowers are a great idea. I don't have a green thumb either. When I killed all the flowers I was trying to grow, my dad got me a giant rock instead of more flowers, that way I couldn't kill anything else. It worked! I haven't killed that rock yet. lol:)