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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Charlie has his UKC show this Sunday. We are NOT ready. I have only managed to work in one training session since I signed him up. Luckily he took to the jump immediately making my job a lot easier.
After Sunday my attention shifts to Phlox.

I just signed Violet and Phlox up for a two day show Oct. 6-7th. Miss V will be back in the utility ring and Phlox will be doing Rally.

My goal for Violet is 1 Q out of two shows. I know we still have a few weak spots but overall her confidence and enjoyment has increased so much since July that unless there is some freak accident I believe she can pull it off.

My goal for Phlox is 95 +. This is easy for my other dogs. In fact a 95 is a low score for them but this is Phlox's very first performance show.
I think my nerves are going to kill me. Unlike my other dogs he is almost purely a product of my raising/training. I have never started from a puppy before and I want our relationship and training to demonstrate just how far I have come as a handler and trainer in the the last few years...All while making it fun...and remembering the new signs...

I'll leave you with a few pictures from last week.

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