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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Title, Fun Match and Utility B

Phlox finished his Rally Novice title on Friday night. He earned a 98 and fourth place. The judge was he kind who didn't miss a thing and she knew exactly what she was looking for.
Phlox really worked it for all but the last two signs. He was eager to get into the ring and didn't lose focus.

On Saturday My brother in law showed Phlox in a conformation match. He won his breed and then took a group 1. The judges liked him a lot.

All of his winnings from the weekend.

Violet hurt her back this week so she sat out most of the weekend. This morning she was feeling so well that I thought I would give it a go.
Due to some mix up we were entered in Utility B and not A. We were having a pretty good run until the judges book blew off the table and onto Violet. She was shaken but recovered. Then on the moving stand an armband blew into the ring next to V and the woman reached in to pick it up. That was the end of that. We NQed but I felt like it went pretty well. We are getting closer

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