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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Fun

It's Halloween time again. This year I'm not suffering from unbearable morning sickness so I get to enjoy holiday activities with the family.

Last Saturday the family went to a Halloween party put on by the city of Houston. Usually Pup Scouts has a booth there and we hand out information and candy to the kids. This year there was just way too much going on to organize a booth in time. So we just went to enjoy it.

I took Phlox along to work on his manners and focus. As usually we had many people commenting on how beautiful, smart, well behaved and awesome he is. Because he gets so much attention I get to educate a lot of people on what these dogs are really like.
The party went so well that Phlox will be accompanying the kids trick or treating.

Enough talk here are a couple of pictures

He was really getting into the Halloween spirit with those laser eyes.

My little tiger with Phlox.


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