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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Predator and Prey

It's very easy to forget that deep down our dogs are predators. I mean most of us could not imagine Fido harming anything more than an occasional fly.

I experienced the predatory nature of dogs early on. When I was very little my family kept a handful of laying  hens. Stray dogs would often get on the property and chase down and kill our hens and chicks. We never really knew what we would find when we got home. We attempted to keep them in various enclosures but they were rather free spirited birds and wouldn't stay put. There isn't any reasoning with chickens you know.
But that was all many years ago and the memory had faded. Until yesterday Afternoon.

My sister had just gotten back from Florida and had most of her things at the facility. This included her sweet little rabbit. He was in his cage in the quietest room in the building just waiting to go home. The only other inhabitant of the room was a medium rescue dog who was boarding. The dog was quiet and also confined to his crate. 
None of us heard a thing until I noticed some scratching at the door. When my sister went in to investigate she found, well I'll just say that we got a reminder of the relationship between predator and prey.

It's easy to get comfortable and forget what our furry friends are capable of. The best things you can do are socialize, train, know your dog and always supervise.

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