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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last weekend was full of firsts

  1. My first time showing in conformation
  2. Phlox's first time in Rally Advance 
  3. Mine and Phlox's first time in Beginner Novice 
  4. My first time forgetting my dogs name and the name of a command in the ring...We'll get to that later.
Rally advanced was pretty uneventful. We lost points when I kind of had to guide him over the jump because he wasn't crazy about leaving heel position. He was a little distracted and had one slow response but he did a good job and ended up with a 98 and second place.

Beginner Novice could not have gone worse in my book. I tensed up and did not remember most of my foot work on the heel resulting in a couple of sloppy turns and sits. I did manage to keep my head about me on the about turn (yay me!). I went around the ring the wrong way during the sit stay. Worst of all I forgot Phlox's name and the "come" command on the recall. I was standing there listening for the command "call your dog" and when it came I blanked "Charrrrrlllllll......????"my voice trailed off and my right hand went up in frustration at myself. Phlox came towards me at full speed and went to do a right finish. When my arm came back down he stopped and did a perfect front. 
I'm not sure how but we qualified with a 192 and first place. 
I wish I knew why I was so nervous about this class. I did manage to stay on the positive side for the most part and when I felt myself slipping I simply put Phlox away and went off to talk to friends for awhile. 

Saturday and Sunday I showed Boykin Spaniels in Conformation. My Professional handler sister needed a few extra hands and so my non dog show sister and I stepped up to help. It was pretty fun showing with my sisters but I think I will continue to let my handler sister and her hubby show Phlox for me. After all he's not suppose to heel in the conformation ring. 

Phlox also won winners dog a week ago for his very first point! 

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