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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Outing.

Yesterday Phlox, Violet and I helped man the Pup Scouts booth at the Houston Pet Expo.

Phlox was a hit with the children. The kids seemed to be a hit with Phlox too.
 We ended up doing some obedience on a chair to show off some of his skills.

 He got to say Hi to some doggy buddies in the process.
 And it put him at the perfect height for some more petting.
 Violet and I participated in a game of musical chairs. The little black and white pit bull Rosie CGC is a former student and came from the same shelter as Violet. It was a very nice surprise to run into her and her owner.

 Violet and I came in second. The other team was just closer to the chair when the music stopped. Violet was such a trooper and tolerated it.
We all had a wonderful time and will be going back next year. Once again both my dogs have managed to pleasantly surprise me. Violet also participated in a costume contest and I will post pictures when I get them.

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