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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On Monday Phlox went in for his ear crop. I loved his adorable, goofy, out of control ears but they have no place in the show ring. I have never gotten a dog's ears cropped before so this is a completely new experience.

I took the two hour drive and dropped him off at 8:30 in the morning. By 10:00 the clinic had already called and said he was finished and doing well. He looked awfully pathetic when I picked him up. His head was wrapped and he was wearing a floppy e collar.



This morning I was told to unwrap his head. I gently cut away the wrap and as his head started to shake blood started to spurt....and it kept spurting. I put him in the bathtub just to try and contain some of the blood. By that time he had already covered myself and my house in wall to wall blood. I called both vets, mine and the surgeon, to ask what to do. The surgeon said it was normal and my vet said I could bring him with me to work. I guess that was the "a little blood" they told me to expect.

To top the day off he managed to knock out one of the supports in his ear. I phoned the vet again and they told me I needed to bring him in. In other words take yet another 2 hour drive with a screaming toddler and a cranky puppy not to mention losing a day of work.

I really hope the crop looks good in the end. So far this experience has not been a good one and I think I will adopt dogs with already cropped ears from now on lol 

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