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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My dogs have been doing teacup agility for a while now and doing very well. The problem is that they are all over 17". So they can not compete in that venue.

Phlox's grandma Cindy, who just happens to be an agility trainer, invited us out to work on some AKC agility. I was thrilled to try my guys out on some full sized equipment.

Phlox was wonderful tonight. He took on the weave polls, teeter, A frame, chute and tunnel with out blinking an eye.

Next week Violet is coming with us to see how her old bones will hold up. She is in great shape and I don't doubt that she will do very well.

I forgot my camera so no pictures this time.
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  1. I double checked I was a follower and my little icon (Riley's fluffy butt lol) was up there, so I assume I'm following hehe :)

    It was nice to see Phlox today! He's such a good lil boy. I bet Violet will be great when she does the agility :) You should have someone take pictures for you!

  2. Now that you changed the picture I realized you were lol