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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Phlox is 20 weeks old and last week I realized that he didn't know "stay". I started teaching him the middle of last week and he is doing great.

Here he is doing a sit stay, down stay and stand stay.

I also took a few more pictures. I am working on stacking him as much as possible. I need to get the feel of it and he needs to get used to being examined. I don't think I'm doing too well but I know I'm getting better lol

I did notice that his white markings make him look pigeon toed.

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  1. Hey! It's Tricia (Grace's owner) from class. I happened to stumble onto your blog the other day, I was like HEY, I KNOW HER! :) Phlox is getting so big! Looks like he is doing good with his 'stays', but he also has a great teacher!