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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

My family invited my son and I out for a good old fashioned family cook out. Phlox had been cooped up all day so he got to come with.

It seemed like just a lazy afternoon of food and fun to Phlox but I was really training. I introduced him to water and he absolutely loved it! he even retrieved a stick from the pool for me a couple of times and chased the hose like a mad man. We worked on recalls out side, how to just lay about while people eat and we also worked on a little obedience.

"So what do we do with this thing??" Neither of them knew what to make of the pool at first.

Sadly there are no action shots of them in the water because they were being too crazy with the hose lol

Drying off. Look how good his ears look.

Me and Phlox just hanging out waiting for dinner.

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  1. Awwww Looks like the little boys had fun! The weather was perfect for some water fun :) We spent the weekend doggie-sitting and the pups had fun of their own in a little kiddie pool as well hehe! :)