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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meetings and Mayhem

My obedience clubs annual meeting took place today. Even though I have been a member for several years this was my first time attending.
It was your typical meeting with financial reviews, voting for officers and discussing upcoming events. The club is putting on a show and go at the end of this month and they asked for a volunteer to take charge of the rally ring. Designing the courses, answering questions, setting up and taking them down. I jumped at the chance since I am more than half way to qualifying to be a rally judge and this will be great practice.
I'm hoping to incorporate as many new rally signs for each level as possible.  I'll also be re reading the rules and regulations just to make sure I can answer any questions that come up.

During the middle of the meeting my husband called to tell me that my cars engine had seized. We had to leave to go pick him up and get my car towed home. The poor thing is absolutely dead with no hope of recovery.
This is my second Volvo station wagon that has died this way. They are great cars for dogs and large families but I'm sick of replacing them. I'm thinking of trying a small SUV next maybe a Pilot, Rav4 or older CRV. 

On a totally unrelated note we were given a swimming pool. It's 18x4' my son thinks it's for him but I plan on using it to get Violet back into shape. It will be good exercise for every one in the family.

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