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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Violet's Session

Last night Violet and I had what I can only describe to be the best training session ever!

It wasn't so much that all the exercises went well, some were down right awful. But the energy was AMAZING!

I decided to work on V's confident with the articles. Before now I had been praising when she got to the right article. I noticed she was relying on my praise as a cue to pick it up. Last night I sent her and she worked the pile with enthusiasm until she got to the right article. She sniffed it, put her mouth on it then turned to look at me. I asked her again to "Find it" and she worked the whole pile over once more ending at the right article. She sniffed it looked at me and sniffed it again. I could she that she was almost ready to shut down so I decided to tell her what I wanted. She brought the dumbbell back and we took off around the room playing chase and tag.
I set it up and sent her again. This time after searching the pile she only hesitated for half a second before trotting briskly back to me with the correct dumbbell in tow. We took off again for a few minutes of play.

Go outs were a disaster but hey no need to stop the party. I got a little improvement and back to tag and chase.

By the time we got to signals and heeling Violet was literally jumping for joy. She was so engaged and enthusiastic it blew me away. I'm sure my enthusiasm and engagement blew her away too.

I'm pretty sure we both left the session exhausted and thinking "that bitch has been holding out on me!"

Sorry no pictures or video I was busy playing :)

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