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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

Day 1:
Violet completely and totally NQed in Utility. She did however bring back the right articles one small victory.

Phlox is still getting over excited in new places so it was a rough start. I was pretty sure everything was going to fall apart in the ring. He ended up doing a pretty good job and coming away with a score of 100 and first place!

I was pleased with the score and our placement but not at all happy with his performance. He was distant and distracted.

Day 2:
Violet was fabulous! Her heel kind of sucked but we went through every exercise with out incident and as we neared the end I really thought we would qualify. On the very last go out I gave a bad hand signal and she ran off to the corner of the ring. She took the wrong jump and there went our qualifying score. Oh well she really did do a fantastic job and I am very pleased with her. I'll be increasing the training in new areas so that next month we can get a few legs.

Phlox was a little more calm today. Unfortunately that did not translate well in the ring. It didn't help that the judge could not hear my reply to "Are you ready?" so we just stood there staring at each other getting frustrated. Phlox lost focus and that was that. We ended up with a 96 and our second rally novice leg.
It may be hard to understand why I am not happy with Phlox's performances this weekend even though his scores were pretty good. I just know that he and I can do so much better as a team. I've tricked myself into thinking that training in 3 or 4 locations regularly will be sufficient. It isn't and I won't make that mistake again.

I'll post videos later. 

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