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Monday, October 1, 2012

Show And Go

Since Phlox has his very first Rally trial this weekend I thought it was time to try him out in a new environment. So a show and goin' we did go. Phlox did really well on Saturday. We ran a Excellent course due to time. I was a little confused by some of the new signs and Phlox didn't know all of the exercises but we hobbled through it looking pretty good.

Something I did notice is that Phlox is getting over excited when he enters a room with dogs already in it. He whines, snorts and fusses whiling standing a little too tall for my liking. All Saturday Phlox was distracted and wanted nothing more than to get to the other dogs and people.

Sunday I ran Violet through the Utility exercises. She did pretty well but I totally fudged the signal exercise by getting it confused with the stand for exam. I also kept stumbling on the ring matting.
No video because I ran out of memory.

I brought Phlox back later for novice and beginner novice.
Novice was nice. Not great. Not stunning. Just nice. I love seeing the video because it really points out what needs work.
I was going to break it all down for you but chances are you can see what needs fixing.

There is no video of Beginner novice. It was an ok run but by that time Phlox was tired and distracted.

We did make huge strides in his excitement on Sunday. I went prepared to work through it. I spent a few minutes working with him entering the building and walking past the crated dogs. It worked. He was calm and quiet the rest of the afternoon.

Now for a week of training before the upcoming show. Violet will be doing scent articles every day and Phlox will be working out doors on many different surfaces.

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