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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Show and Go

Saturday is training day in my family. Every Saturday morning I load up my car with 2-4 dogs and a cranky toddler and we head to pup scouts for various classes.

This morning I made it to pup scouts just in time for Phlox's puppy class. After a good class of playing and obedience I went to get my foster, Bling, for her basic obedience class. After searching the crate room I came to the realization that I had left her at home.

After all the classes I rushed over to a local obedience club for a show and go.

Violet did fairly well considering we have not trained in a while.
Scent articles were right on and her glove retrieve was perfect. Go outs still need a lot of work and it seemed like she was moving in slow motion during the heel, even though she stayed in position.
All in all I saw a lot of improvement and a lot of areas that need work.
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