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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New CGC!

I am so exited to announce that Phlox has passed his CGC test! He is only 5 months old. I know he will need to be retested when he is more mature but this is still a wonderful accomplishment.

It was a great day and in fact all 4 dogs passed a week ahead of schedule. We will be using our last class time to party and film each dog.

 The dogs were so well behaved that we couldn't get them to look at the camera. Here are a few pictures of play time after class.

Violet had a fun filled day as well. She was needed for a short film that is being made for a local contest.
 Most of the people there had never met a "pit bull" before and were amazed by her. I'm sure there will be pictures at some point but I had forgotten to take my camera.

We took some time to work on her utility signals in a new place. The video is crappy and I can't find a way to turn it the right way but here it is for your enjoyment.

I will make sure to post the entire film when it is put on youtube :)

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