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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have Dog Can't Travel

I love titles. They keep me motivated, help me set goals, keep me focused and allow me to show off.
I also love going to dog shows. To me there is absolutely nothing I would rather be doing on any given weekend.

I keep trying to pressure my mother into attending more with her own dogs. She has 3 that could easily earn at least novice titles in Rally and Obedience and 2 that should be showing in teacup or AKC agility. My logic is if you are going to train dogs and have well trained dogs than you should have something to show for it. 

The big problem is that unlike me my mother doesn't have much time off. Owning her own business does not leave time for many hobbies. She works weekends and just can not make it to more than one or two days of dog shows a year.

So I've made it my goal to get some titles after those deserving dogs names.

Here is what I have found so far.

Trick dog titles:
Although this really does just look like an easy way for them to take your money it also looks fun.
There is still a goal to work towards and new behaviors to be taught but you don't have to travel.

Cyber Rally-o:
With preset courses and video submissions these titles look a little more legit. You still spend $20 per video submission but again it can be done in your back yard or at your local training facility so no need to travel.

So this year along with the AKC and Schutzhund titles I would like to obtain I will also be having some fun with these online programs.  


  1. There's also the Virtual Agility League too.

    I'm meh about those virtual kind of things for sports where you only get one shot at the course with no practising it traditionally but it takes all kinds i guess!

  2. Thanks Mandy I'll look into it. Several of my moms dogs have been training in agility for years but she just can't make it to trials.