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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where No Pit Has Gone Before

George Takei( Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu ) posted Violet's picture on his facebook page. As a life long Trekkie it feels as good as winning the lottery.

So far from just this post it has gotten 36,182 "Likes", 2,053 comments and 17,497 Shares.

On a slightly less awesome note. I'm told V's pic is also a favorite on I never thought my need to get two puppies back to my apartment would turn into an internet sensation. 


  1. I thought i remembered that picture from somewhere!

    Violet is an internet supah star!

  2. I saw that on Facebook! It is so cool!

  3. She is a celebrity! I had one of my agility friends post that picture on facebook and while back! I was like "I KNOW THAT DOG!" "SHE'S MY FRIENDS DOG VIOLET!"