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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Charlie's First Audition

Charlie had an audition for a commercial today. He has never done anything like it before but since they didn't want a "pit bull" Charlie was chosen to come in and show the casting director what he could do.
He got to start the day with a bath and nail trim. Absolutely not his favorite way to wake up in the morning. After the torture that is the groomers we headed out.
We got to the office a little early and Charlie was being very calm and well behaved. Some of the men came over to love on him and he ate it up. While we were sitting in the waiting room I noticed that he was the only canine actor there. I started to think that maybe they hadn't found another dog to even audition. Then a little yellow lab walks in. A very well behaved little girl with no interest in the men moving around her. She is a therapy dog and gets out and about all the time so this was no biggy.
Finally they call me and Charlie in. Chuck was put on his mark and a man acted out what would be going on. It was going incredibly well until the man knelt down directly in front of him. Charlie's eyes lit up and you could see him thinking "He must want me to come to him" so Chuck got up and took a step towards him. No problem. I put him back on his mark and they did it again this time we added some head movement for Charlie. It took him a few seconds to figure out we wanted him to look side to side but he ended up doing a fine job.
All in all it took about 6 minutes and Charlie had a blast. Even if he had no idea what was going on.

That being said I do not believe he got the part. He isn't disappointed though he did get a trip to a new place and a chance to meet a ton of new people. Both very good rewards in his book.

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