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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Place To Work

With Violets's utility debut looming I have been getting a little discouraged about our lack of training. Because of this my mother rented ring time at a local obedience club as a birthday gift. I get an entire regulation size obedience ring including jumps to my self an hour every week.

Today was our first time there. We had an absolute blast and she seemed to improve with every exercise we practiced. Our only problem was on the go outs. She seemed to be confused by the ring gates.

We did not do her articles due to the fact that I am starting over from square one. I'm just doing it out side this time. The upcoming show will be my very first outdoor trial and Miss V is not use to out door scent work.

Starting next week I will separate my ring time between Phlox and Violet. Phlox could use some time in a ring and I can set up Rally signs and get him use to full courses.

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