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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Uh Oh

Violet's training yesterday seemed out of whack but I didn't think too much of it. Every one has off days and I thought it was just one of hers. So the jumps were low and the repetitions few.

After we got home from work my son and Violet were watching an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle. My son was laying on her like he usually does. All of a sudden Violet let out a scream and threw her head back. I assumed that my son had maybe jabbed her with a knee or elbow a little too hard. He is a rather large 3 year old after all.

This morning when the dogs were let out to potty I noticed that Violet was hanging back. Phlox came up to start a bit of rough housing and as soon as he pounced she let out a yelp. I started getting concerned. 

Then when we arrived at work I picked up her paw to examine her foot and she whimpered. Something is definitely up.

She is not favoring any limbs or limping at all. I can not pin point any painful areas because even though she is a huge drama queen for most everything she tends to hide her injuries pretty well.
So a few days of very limited exercise and training, some soothing baths and messages and we will see where we are. I am getting pressure from my mother to just let her retire for good. I'm not ready for that and I don't think that she is either.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing career ending.

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