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Saturday, December 17, 2011


The 2011 AKC National Obedience Invitational was this last weekend.
I have been aware of the event since I started competing in 2009 but I have never really looked into it.

This year I've had NOI fever. If it were televised I would be the nut with a giant foam finger sitting inches from the TV screaming at the screen the entire time, "how could the judge take a point of for that?" or "I can't believe they don't consider THAT legging!" etc. I even went through the catalog to see if I knew any exhibitors, combed through the rules and regulations and looked at pictures and results from past events. I was excited that the AKC would be posting updates and photos from the show.

Well the excitement was pretty short lived. The AKC did a terrible job of keeping us "fans" updated. Very few pictures, and results were posted late Sunday night. There were no gripping updates through out the weekend :(

Updates were not the only thing that were non existent. There were also no bully breeds. Just a flood of Goldens and other "traditional" obedience breeds. Thats what it seemed like any way. In reality there were breeds from all the AKC groups along with the very first all american dog to compete in the NOI. Even the toy dogs got in on the action.
I've been following one of these little dogs on for a while and recently started following their blog. Mr. Rugby did very well and placed 1st in the toy group.

The lack of Amstaffs got the competitor in me all fired up. I've decided to try for the 2013 Invitationals with Violet. I keep trying to think of a reason why I shouldn't and I can't come up with one. Violet and I are about ready to hit the Utility ring and our scores have been steadily increasing. I have learned a lot in the last few years and my handling keeps getting better. Plus it's not that hard to get to the top of the obedience amstaff list. There are just not that many competing at all let a lone at a UD, UDX level.

We may not make it and even if we did I wouldn't expect a miracle. I just think it would be a blast to show up with my 12 year old "pit bull" and do our thing in front of the top competitors in the country.

For the Invitational results and photo's click here

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