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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trying To Update My Look + Rally Training App

For the new year I'm hoping to ad some pzazz to the blog. Unfortunately I am not very gifted at anything remotely related to computers or the internet. I can't even figure out how to use paint. Really.

Over the last month I saw a huge increase in page views but no increase in followers. I'm really hoping a fun new look will help to capture readers attention. I'm also hoping that my intensive training this coming year will produce many fun and informative videos and photos. It helps that I have finally found my camera but it would help even more if I could figure out how to use it.

So if you are reading this but not following it yet Click the little blue link on the right side you'll be glad you did.

Growling software's Rally obedience dog training app

I have yet to try any paied apps on my smart phone but this one has my interest peaked. It includes pictures of all the AKC signs with definitions. It has yet to be updated to the 2012 changes but that is one of the great things about smart phone apps, they are constantly updating and adding information.

I plan on downloading it and giving it a proper review.

For 0.99 it seems like a worth while tool for most competitors.

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