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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rally Gets an Upgrade

The AKC is updating the Rally rules, regulations and signs. It really looks like they are trying to turn rally into a legitimate sport.

Favorite new regulation:
"Substantial Deduction (6-10 points) for each of the following:
• Incorrectly performed station** (Automatic 10 point deduction)
• Failure to complete the Sit Stay Exercise (IP)–No retries allowed
• Failure of dog to go over the jump in the proper direction (IP) – no retries allowed
Luring /pleading with the dog
• Lack of natural manner"

To me this is a big step forward. I am a "positive" trainer and use treats and a little luring in my training. However, I would never, ever consider taking a dog into the ring if they "needed" to be lured around a course. To me that is not a trained dog it's a dog being tricked into performing.

Favorite new novice sign:
#36 Slow forward from sit

Favorite new Advance sign:
#118 Halt leave dog 2 steps call to heel forwad

Favorite new Excellent sign:
#209 Stand leave dog down dog call front-finish

The only draw back is that I now have to memorize new signs. But I think it will be worth a little extra effort in order to see the sport move forward.

Check out the rest of the new rules and regulations here --> New Rally Regulations

Check out the new signs here -->  New Rally Signs

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